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Funny Shop Names

Funny Shop Names The following funny store names are for real ! Some are incredibly funny. Others are quite original. Some are both. In any case, they will make you smile.  And they are getting free ...

Faking orgasms

How do you know if your partner is faking the orgasm? A fake orgasm? Absolutely. Blame it, among other reasons, to the "orgasm gap":  men and women need different time to reach orgasms, 1 to 5 ...

Last longer in bed? Yes you can

last longer in bed

To last longer in bed. How can I do it? For most men across the world, to last longer in bed, and how to do it, is one of the major concerns related to their sexual life. Whether that be a casual ...

Mojoupgrade, the sex improver

Mojoupgrade, the sex improver You are stuck. Your bed is the boringest place ever. Creativity is limited to the 3-5 minutes sex session with your partner, if you are lucky. Always the same. The ...


My girlfriend has been hanging out with a childhood friend of hers lately. I have no problem with this, but recently she has been staying at his place until the evening and sometimes comes home ...

You are not having sex

not having sex

Reasons for not having sex I guess you are not having sex, right? You are not alone. More than 50 million in America are in the same situation (having sex less than 10 times a years. In other words, ...

Americans lovers among the worst

Americans lovers are among the worst lovers. Not a surprise, really! In this poll, the matter of size is not the issue ! Yes, that's right, the matter of size has nothing to do at all! The issue ...

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