The Best Magic Wand


The Best Magic Wand

The Magic Wand or Body Wand  is the most popular vibrator ever, since it has been around for almost 5 decades. It’s a real best seller and top reviewed product. It’s also the most popular and most used vibrator in the porno industry.  This is particular true in the amateur movies. And this fact speaks for itself about its benefits.

How do I know it?  Ok, I confess:  I watch porno once in a while since several years ago. I do it because I’m in the quest of finding a real good movie. But  I haven’t been lucky yet. I still have to find a real credible and original one. They are pretty much the same. Actors are the worst, plots are ridiculous,  and most of the time the women orgasms are obviously fake.

When orgasms are real? when the Magic Wand enters in action. In this situation I really envy women and their ability to get real deep and intense multiple orgasms. And the Magic Wand, also known as Body Wand, is the guilty of charge.

If someone would have told me that this big electric device is responsible for such amount of pleasure I would haven’t believed it. But multiple amateur and professional movies and my own experience, say yes, it’s true.

The Magic Wand was invented by Hitachi almost 50 years ago as a body massager (hence is appellation as body wand). Somewhere in the road someone found that also can be used as a powerful clitoris and external genitals stimulant.

This bulky electric massager has a soft head the size of a small tennis ball and generates intense vibrations that spread out over a large area covering the clitoris and external genitalia. The results:  women’s minds are blown away thanks to intense and “never experienced before” orgasms.

The original version is electric. Although cordless and rechargables versions have excellent reviews for its convenience, most women still prefer the electric one because produces more intense and deeper vibrations than its battery operated counterpart.

Due to its incredible success the Magic Wand or body wand has been replicated by multiple manufacturers and now you can find it in many sizes and models.

Bellow you can find our selection for the best magic wand or body wand.

These are the most popular and better rated so you can choose one and give it a try

As usual all the products have top reviews by users.

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