Do you want to buy testosterone ? Please don’t do it !


Why you should never ever take T-Supplements.

“Buy testosterone ? These are the alternatives” This was the title of an article that I wanted to write. But I begun to research…

Here in the shop we sell some supplements self called Testosterone Boosters. These products have been reviewed thousands of times by users who bought them. In fact we select the products we offer based in the user reviews. We only chose the better rated. Since thousands say that products are effective, we assume that are good. But are they really Testosterone Boosters or just herbal supplements that increase your energy and libido ?

What is testosterone?

Is an hormone that naturally males and females produce, at all ages. Men produces more testosterone than women do. Production fluctuates along the day. In men, the hormone is produced mostly in the testicles.

The testosterone causes that

  • Men have beard and body hair
  • Men have muscles
  • Men grow bigger than women

Does testosterone production decays with age?

Yes, the peak production of testosterone is around the age of 30. After that age we produce less and less. At 50 we are producing 25% less than our peak. At 60, 30% less, and so on.

You can see all the numbers in a report created by Mayo Clinic Laboratories here

Is sexual drive affected by the testosterone level?

Yes and no.

While a low testosterone level can affect your desire and even cause, in a minority of the cases, erectile dysfunction, the hormone isn’t the only component that you need for a satisfactory sexual relation.

Is low testosterone = low libido?

Libido is affected by many factors (stress, sleep, worries, bad diet, weight). Unfortunately we still don’t know how testosterone increases libido. With the age men libido naturally decreases, but still there is no way to determine what the normal libido should be. What is ok for some is not ok for others.

Sexual excitement is caused in part by a rise in testosterone, though as we say before, other factors exist. T levels increase and decreases throughout the day. Many men notice they are more horny in the mornings, when T level is usually high.

Paradoxically low testosterone symptoms don’t always include the lack of sex drive.  However a drastic reduction of the hormone production can cause sexual problems among others.

What are the low testosterone symptoms

Problems associated with under the normal T production are:

  • Loss of muscle density
  • Loss of bone density
  • Loss of body hair
  • Increase of breasts size
  • Infertility
  • Fatigue
  • Voice changes
  • Low energy levels
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of sexual desire

Bear in mind that all these symptoms can be caused also for many other medical conditions.

Are testosterone supplements safe or useful ?

According to a study named Risks and benefits of testosterone therapy in older men published in the National Review of Endocrinology in 2013,  the T replacement therapy produces beneficial effects only in the young man (defined as age<50 years) with classic hypogonadism.

In any other cases de risks supersedes the potential benefits. The risks are:

  • prostate-related events (cancer)
  • cardiovascular-related adverse events (stroke, mini stroke and blood clots)
  • Polycythemia (increased production of red blood cells – leads to blood clots)
  • Sleep apnea
  • Hormonal problems that can cause testicle shrinkage and infertility (this is probably why the body builders seem to have a remarkable small package)

So the answer to the question is that healthy people MUST NOT take supplements with testosterone. They are not safe nor useful.

Why your balls will shrink if you take testosterone supplements

Simple. If you take testosterone supplements you are telling your testicles not to work. Why? your body will detect that you have enough testosterone around and your brain will order your testicles to stop the production. And if your testicles don’t produce T will not produce sperm either.

Like a trained muscle, if you not continually exercise it, it will reduce it size. So your balls.  If you take T supplements long enough the damage will be permanent. That’s the reason bodybuilders, which takes massive amount of T and other shits like steroids, have a very small package (have you noticed that?), and many of them become azoospermic (zero sperm).

Can testosterone levels be boosted naturally ?

Yes, although a lot of natural products are promoted as T boosters, not all achieve the objetive. There are two supplements that increase T Levels.

Magnesium & Zinc

It will increase the Testosterone, but up to your normal level. If you take more you will not have more T. It’s good in case you occasionally are bellow normal.

Vitamin D

Same as Magnesium and Zinc. It helps you to reach normal levels. No more.

Among the other supplements promoted as T Boosters (although they are not) we found:

Tribulus Terrestris:

Sold as the #1 T booster. But not. This is a good libido booster though.

D-Aspartic Acid

Not a T Booster for normal guys.


Fenugreek supplementation may actually improve sexual function and well-being. Not a T-Booster

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat ali is has traditionally been used as an aphrodisiac. Increases libido. Not a T-Booster

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna pruriens is a plant used as a source for L-DOPA, the precursor to dopamine. Not a T-Booster.


The testosterone – libido issue is still a mystery. In the meantime, while science researches, DON’T TAKE T-BOOSTERS and do the following instead:

  1. Exercise, it increases T Level
  2. Sleep enough, it increases T Level
  3. Loose weight
  4. Increase Zinc consumption (essential for T level regulating in men) by eating whole grain, grass fed beef,  yogurt, lamb, chickpeas, pumpkin seed, cashews, cocoa, chicken, shellfish. You can supplement zinc also, if you want.
  5. Get enough potassium, which aids in testosterone synthesis. The # 1 source of potassium is white beans, #2 spinach, #3  baked potatoes.
  6. Decrease sugar consumption. Sugar is poison. If you reduce the amount you consume not only will favor your T level but your general health also.
  7. Control your stress. Easy to say, right ? But at least give it a try.

So again: Buy Testosterone ? Please don’t do it !


Vincent Winnfield
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