Faking orgasms


How do you know if your partner is faking the orgasm?

A fake orgasm? Absolutely. Blame it, among other reasons, to the “orgasm gap”:  men and women need different time to reach orgasms, 1 to 5  minutes for the man and 20 minutes for the woman. As a result,  more than 40/48% of women are faking their orgasms regularly.

Why is she faking orgasms?

Faking orgasms

We know women have been faking orgasms for centuries to finish sex quickly, specially when the man is not doing the correct movements.

According to Anna Breslaw in her article  7 Sad But True Reasons Women Fake Orgasms

  • Single women have 40% chance to have an orgasm during a casual encounter. The number grows to 70% chance for women in a committed relationship. Confidence, mutual knowledge and trust have a lot to do with that.
  • Men expect the orgasm, so it feels awkward no to have a happy ending
  • They are just tired and want it to be over
  • They really like the guy and don’t want to make him feel bad
  • Positive conditioning: the guy did everything well, but she is not in the mood, so she fakes it
  • Alcohol: although it relaxes you and act as aphrodisiac, it makes difficult to reach the orgasm
  • She already faked it, so it’s becoming easier to do it.

I should add to this list the “bad lovers” who focus only in themselves.

How to find out if a woman is faking the Big O?

Her expressions are immaculate

Though facial expressions during and post orgasms vary from person to person, yet the common fact is that they should look natural. If your partner puts up some stage-like expressions, it’s time that you get concerned because orgasmic expressions aren’t really very beautiful. Your partner is simply faking it.

Has some of this physical reactions

  • Her pelvis is not clenching
  • Her breath rhythm gets normal rapidly
  • Her face is not flushed
  • Her eyes are not dilated
  • Her toes stay straight

She is over-elated

If your partner seems overly ecstatic about the orgasm(s) that she just had or goes on praising about how good it was, don’t be too happy about it. It is time that you consider if she is just overdoing it and if you think so, it may just be that she has faked her orgasm(s).

She is indifferent

If sex was good and if she had had an orgasm, it’s natural for her to be happy about it. However, if you find your partner to be lost in herself or silent after sex, it could be that she never ever had her orgasm and she faked it for some reason.

faking orgasms

She commends your effort

A coy or naughty smile should be enough for her to tell you that you did well. But if she goes great lengths in commending your performance or how she loved your efforts, it means nothing but pity – pity that you failed to give her the big O despite your efforts.

Signs that a guy faked his orgasm

Mismatched behavior

If his moans and expressions do not match, beware ladies, your guy may not be having an O for real – he’s just trying to make you happy.

Absence of semen

Use your common sense. If your guy really came, the release of seminal fluid is natural. And if you do not find it at all – not on your body or in the condom that he has been using, it should ring a bell immediately. If he had had his orgasm, where did the semen go?


Some good sex and a nice orgasm are supposed to make anybody happy and pleased. But if your man shows no such sign after having an O and appears to indifferent or blandly mutters that he came, something is seriously wrong, and you need to find out if he really did have an orgasm, or he just faked it.

Unnecessary bathroom tour

If your partner rushes to the bathroom immediately after an O every time, you have a red signal there. Immediate bathroom visits after an O often indicates the need to jerk off to have the real O.

Unexpected orgasms

No one climaxes just out of nowhere. There’s a build up process and that’s usually gradual. So, if you feel that your man reaches his climax all too suddenly, watch out for fake orgasms.


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