Men’s talk or why women talk more than men


Men’s talk or why women talk more than men

“You don’t talk to me…” Have you heard that phrase before?  Yes, right? As men we don’t like to talk too much. At least not about the things women want to talk about. Our men’s talk has nothing to do with women’s talk. So we limit to answer yes, no, ok, yes darling, yes sweethart, mmm, I know, I don’t know, right, sure, etc.etc.

One classic:

She: What did you do with your friends last night?

You: No, nothing, you know..

She: Anything? You’ve been with them 4 hours. What did you talk about?

You: You know, nothing. Sports, you know.

First they don’t understand we don’t like to talk about what we did with our friends. Second they don’t understand that what we talk with our friends, if we are in a group, has zero content. Just a bunch of funny superficialities, some jokes, some nonsenses. So when we say “nothing” really means “nothing”.

But do women talk more than men ?

Several claim that women talk more than men do. But is it really true or just another myth or fight between the two sexes? This lone-pending row continues to still remain a mystery, although there are scientific facts backing both the sides of the coin.

For starters, most researchers say that women in general are more talkative than men (no doubt about it!).

Basically, all the allegations and accusations related to a woman’s gossiping skills have reasons behind them. Studies show that women speak about 20,000 words in a day, compared to men who tend to utter only 7,000. So there are 13,000 in words difference.

This gigantic difference brings to the fore a fact that women devote more of their brain cells into effective or ineffective communication, whether they are being heard or not. However, men on the other hand, are tongue-tied most times, either because they are good listeners or maybe they don’t choose to share their opinions or arguments as much.

In any case, since childhood till adulthood and then till senior ages, women are bound to have stronger conversations that they want to be patiently heard. Call them argumentative, opinionated or confrontational, doesn’t really matter.

Apparently, it all zeroes down to their internal setting. Study proves that higher levels of protein are found in a female brain. This language protein is the core reason behind the nonstop chatter.

Another reason is male inattentiveness that usually ends up bothering most if not all women.

Last, but not the least, it is also believed that women crave chemicals serotonin and oxytocin. Gossiping is therefore considered to be healthy for them. Dr. Louann Brizendine, a female psychiatrist, wrote a book several years ago called The Female Mind that explained women devote more brain cells to communication, and that the mere act of talking can produce a high similar to the rush that addicts experience when they get a hit.

“Women have an eight-lane superhighway for processing emotions, while men have a small country road,” Brizendine said.

With that said, lets also look at the other side of this unending debate. Some experts say that women don’t really talk more than men per day. They, in fact, speak about almost the same amount every day. Which is roughly 16,000 words per day. However, there are certain minor differences which are very obvious.

The presence of testosterone in the male body and the brain reduces the need for men to become all chatty. Hence, they have a tendency to refrain from unnecessary ranting and instead stick to correct and accurate number of words per day. They also tend to speak only when it is required the most. Or else, they prefer keeping mum.

So ladies, be patient with us. We don’t talk to much, although we can pretend we are good listeners.

Vincent Winnfield
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