Mojoupgrade, the sex improver


Mojoupgrade, the sex improver

You are stuck. Your bed is the boringest place ever. Creativity is limited to the 3-5 minutes sex session with your partner, if you are lucky. Always the same. The worst part is that we (I include myself) don’t know anything about the sexual fantasies of our partner. We assume that we know but the reality is we don’t. And to make things worse we are afraid to ask. What about talking about our own fantasies? No way whatsoever. For some strange reason most of us become mutes when time to talk about sex with our partners comes. I don’t know why most of us are so shy.

There is solution: Mojoupgrade, the way to discover your Partner’s Hidden Sexual Fantasies

What is Mojoupgrade?

Mojoupgrade is an online confidential questionnaire that must be filled by your partner and you separately. It can be filled in the same computer or in two different ones.

The method is simple: you answer a set of questions about sexuality and sexual fantasies that you like or would like to experience. The alternative 4 answers are: Yes, No, We already do that, If my partner is interested.

Once the questionnaire have been completed you only will see the answers that both of you responded with “Yes” or “If my partner is interested”. 

If in one question you answered “no” and your partner “yes” or “If my partner is interested”, that result will not be showed.


Question: “roleplay in costumes”  if I say “yes” and my partner “no” – This question will be eliminated from the final report.

Questions are related to a wide range of sexual fantasies and activities. Some of them I didn’t even know that existed ! Some are funny some weird and extravagant. But who am I to judge!

Anyway, it will take both about 10 minutes to complete the survey.

Is important to clarify that neither of you will access your counterpart answers. Just the coincidences. So if your partner wants to experience a threesome and you don’t, none of you will ever know. 

These are the Questions Categories and some questions (not all, of course)

The Basics and then Some


  • have partner give me a sensual massage
  • take pictures of partner
  • have pictures taken by partner
  • take pictures of us having sex
  • strip or give a lap dance to partner
  • have partner strip or give me a lap dance
  • film ourselves having sex

Playing with Toys


  • use dildos in sex
  • use vibrators while having sex
  • wear a cock ring (vibrating/non-vibrating) during sex



  • have a weapon (knife, gun) directed at me during sex (knife and gun play)
  • direct a weapon (knife, gun) during sex (knife and gun play)
  • wear earplugs during sex
  • have partner wear earplugs during sex
  • slap partner’s face during sex

Anal Play


  • anally fist partner
  • be anally fisted by partner
  • anally finger partner
  • be fingered anally by partner
  • anally penetrate partner

Group and Public Fun


  • be bukkake’d by partner and other men
  • be bukkake’d by partner and other men
  • fondle partner in a public setting (restaurant/theater)
  • be fondled by partner in a public setting (restaurant/theater)

Other Fetishes


  • give partner a foot job
  • be given a foot job
  • douse ourselves in oil/mud/paint/milk/pies during sex
  • use chemicals (menthol, toothpaste, ben-gay) on partner


Mojoupgrade is a nice approach to a better sexual life. You will have fun answering the questions and if you add a good communication with your partner then you found the winning formula for great sexual satisfactions.

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