Does circumcised men have an smaller penis?


Does circumcised men have it smaller?

Circumcised men walk the face of the earth since thousands of years ago. Circumcision is an older than Bible genital mutilation. Probably originated in Africa, is widely practiced as a religious custom. In modern times, hygiene was added as excuse to perform the procedure.

It is believed to have started out from hot dry countries, where circumcision was carried out to maintain hygiene, and gradually went on to become a part of the religion and global culture.

It has defenders and detractors. Half of the library is in favor and the other half against it.

The trend of performing the circumcision experienced a downfall during the 1970s to 80s. However, the rate of circumcised men has increased again, given its supposed benefits. It is roughly estimated that 35 per cent of the males around the world are circumcised.

Circumcision is usually done during infancy (i.e. at the 8th day of life in Judaism) under professional supervision, but many males also choose to do it later in their life to reduce the risk of urinal tract infections and many other allegedly problems.

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What is circumcision? Difference between circumcised men and intact men

Male genitalia is covered by a flap of skin known as the foreskin or prepuce. It is a movable part of the penis and its function is to protect the glans and facilitate the intercourse.

The process of having this foreskin removed is known as circumcision. It is usually a surgical process and carried out under anesthesia.

The foreskin is just the outer layer and is not in direct contact with the muscular core. Therefore, the removal of the foreskin during the early years should not affect the normal growth and development of the penis.

Although it is believed by many that circumcision reduces the sensation of pleasure during intercourse, there has been no scientific evidence to support the case. But we, the intact men, believe that circumcised men are missing part of the show.

When you are an infant, this procedure is made mainly without medical intervention.

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Is circumcision painful ?

If the procedure was made when you were a baby, probably you don’t even remember. But if you make it as an adult, you will suffer post surgery pain. It’s bother a lot for a while. It’s a very sensitive area. Testimonies describes it as quite painful and uncomfortable.

Does circumcision make you smaller?

So, the major focus of this article is whether circumcision affects the size of male penises or not. Penis consists of the protein cells, blood vessels, and muscles. Circumcision is the procedure of cutting off the extra sagging skin from the top of the genitalia. Doing so causes the circumcised penis averages 0.8 cm (5%) shorter than the uncircumcised penis. 

The source of this info is the pro circumcision site

However, other pro circumcision groups deny this fact, alleging that the development of penises continues till late teens and early twenties and the removal of the foreskin does not interfere with this in any way.

According to them, it’s a myth and there has been no evidence to justify the statement that circumcision affects penis size, so circumcised men you can breathe.

The debate

However, as we said before, the practice of circumcision is a highly debated topic.

Pro circumcision groups say that the foreskin causes calamities such as breast cancer, sexual transmitted infections, penis cancer, prostate cancer and many other health problems. OMG, poor penis!

Anti circumcision groups have their own arguments about this nonsense mutilation.

Both sides are represented below:

Anti circumcision

  • Nature knows” (I agree)
  • Babies remember the pain. (Mmm not sure. I’ve asked my Jewish friends and nobody remembers a damn)
  • It’s genital mutilation and ritual equivalent to clitoral ablation (I guess this argument is a little too much because it’s not as the savage clitoral ablation)
  • It’s cruel; babies suffer. (There is proof about this: to verify whether circumcision actually hurts the baby or not, a test was carried out where a group of babies was circumcised under the influence of anesthesia and a group of babies is circumcised without any form of anesthesia. The babies who had no anesthesia were in so much pain that the test had to be brought to a halt.)
  • Circumcised boys have permanent physiologic consequences: they are more sensitive to pain later in life (Who knows!)
  • The glans looses its sensitivity. (Difficult to determine. I guess you must compare after and before having the foreskin to say something. In the other hand, the skin of an uncovered glans it’s more dry and exposed, so you can infer it is less sensible).
  • Circumcision diminishes the sexual pleasure. (Idem as above)
  • Circumcision can cause men some psychologically damage.(OMG, seems too much)
  • Some men miss their lost foreskin; some do it so much that they look after to reconstruct it. They have a painful feeling for their lost skin. (This is correct, there are some guys who want to reverse circumcision and there are specialized doctors that can do it)
  • For performing the”Docking”, a homosexual practice, the foreskin is needed (First time I hear about this)
  • There are always risks in the removal procedure. (After all, they are playing with your tiny penis)
  • If reconstructive surgery is needed later in life, an intact foreskin can provide tissue. (This is correct, skin from the penis and scrotum are the best of the best and has incredible healing properties)
  • Most of the time, the procedure is done against your will.
  • Pro circumcision groups assume that you are a dirty pal who will never wash your penis and balls and use the hygiene as an excuse to violate your rights.

Pro Circumcision

  • Circumcision reduces the transmission of AIDS. Not completely demonstrated. Depends on education and hygiene.
  • Circumcision prevents penile cancer. Again, it depends on hygiene, but there is a fact: penis cancer is almost never seen in circumcised men. (This is a good one!)
  • Urinary tract infection risk is reduced. Several studies have shown that circumcised baby boys have fewer UTIs. (Mmm, not too convincing)
  • Fewer chances to get balanitis (inflammation of the glans). (Ups what is this?)
  • Less sexually transmitted diseases and other calamities such as cervical cancer, breast cancer, etc. (Foreskin can not cause that. Give me a break!)
  • No phimosis (the inability to retract the foreskin) nor paraphimosis (a painful inability to pull the retracted foreskin back down). (Yes, this is correct, but again, depends on education and hygiene)
  • Approximately 10% of intact men will require circumcision sometime later in life for medical reasons. (Yes, it’s right, and it’s really a pain in the…penis)
  • Hygiene. It’s easier to keep a circumcised penis clean. (BS!)
  • Aesthetics. Women allegedly don’t like the appearance of an uncircumcised male. (What a fuck??? BS!)
  • Zipper injuries. (C’mon ! You are watching too much “It’s something about Mary”)


When become a circumcised man is advisable

Only for medical indication. Phimosis and Balanitis are the main reasons. Also in some occasion where a tight foreskin does not allow folding up the cover. But in this case, there are some treatments to loosen up the skin before undergoing surgery.


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) determined that the benefits of circumcision supersede the risks. However, the AAP doesn’t recommend circumcision as routine for all male newborns. The AAP leave it up to parents and off course under medical supervision and with anesthesia.

I guess the reason is in both sides. Sometimes is better the circumcision and sometimes not.

Personally, me and my son are intact men. I like the way it is. I’ve never had any problems because I keep the zone clean. Likewise, I take care of it. After all, my penis is my best toy and probably my best friend also.

I don’t believe that the religion has the right to mutilate you as part of a ritual, no matter how ancient it is.

I guess, the world would be a better place if anyone can invent its own religion and follow the principle of “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.” Confucio dixit. And leave my penis alone.

Are you interested in a circumcision ? Learn more here 

Do you know?

We mention “docking” before: what it is? A male homosexual mutual masturbation practice which consist in placing the penis under the male partner’s foreskin. For that purpose, an untouched foreskin is mandatory.  Too much information, right ? Yeah, I know. But we respect and love everyone here.

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