Women looking for men: The unrealistic expectations


Women looking for men: why women still believe that a prince will come to rescue them ?

The “women looking for men” subject is a never ending discussion. The vast majority of women’s “expectations” are not realistic and that is a fact. That’s why they are going into their 40’s alone. More and more. Their first marriages were a disaster so they intend to find the “perfect one” for a new tour. But wake up ladies: the “perfect one” only exists in the movies.

Women have fantasy expectations. Why? All their lives they have been brainwashed by the Entertainment Industry (TV, Movies, Women’s Magazines, Radical Feminists, etc.) and the Literature (all the princes and kings and brave warriors stories) they read since their childhood.

The vast majority of women are seeking a man that is no longer the majority of men (and never have been, but years ago it was not a big deal as long you were a supportive and caring man). This stereotype is associated with “success” and “security”. That means men who have money and can afford to eat out 4 or 5 times per week, can afford a “nice” house, can afford 5 star travelling, can afford a maid, can afford the country club, etc., etc.

Do the math !

But ladies of the world, do the math !  According to a paper written by Lisa A. Keister at Duke University this is the X-Ray of the man of your dreams: less than 1% of the men are that stereotype and his average age is 55 and 60% are married. So based on these numbers let’s make some assumptions:

#1 – Out of the remaining 40% let’s say that 50% (20%) are gay. So then you would have 20% of the 1% supposedly available.

#2 – Let’s say that out of the 20% half of them are already dating someone, leaving you 10% of the 1%.

#3 – Let’s say that out of the 10% half of them are not interested in dating for health issues or because simply they don’t want, leaving you 5%.

#4- If 5% is the rest and the age average is 55, we would not be wrong if we say that probably 50% of them are 65 or more, leaving them out of the equation.

Let put it in numbers: Let’s say that the universe of the target men is 1000, 60% are married (600). So we have 400 available guys, but 50% are gay, so now we have 200, but half of them are already dating, so we have now 100, but guess what, probably 50% or 50 are not interested in dating for any reasons. But again, 25 (50%) are older than 65. So you ended up with 25 out 1000 potential target men.

Results: you would have available 2.5% of the 1% successful guys..

It’s not unlike musical chairs for women… There are thousand women seeking that one guy who has all the goods and money to keep them “happy”.

The other part

But now there is the other part of the equation:  that successful guy has plenty of options to choose, and guess what, that man has his own stereotype about the ideal woman and you can bet that it’s s not the regular mum with some extra pounds, no way whatsoever !  So ladies, your chance to catch one of that specimen is almost null. It’s like hit the jackpot.

So in the universe of women looking for men there is no romantic love. It’s all about what the guy has. If you are living paycheck to paycheck, you have high chances of being dumped, sooner or later, and replaced by the BBD (Bigger and Better Deal), because at the end there is only one truth: fat wallet kills the handsome and gallant.



Jack McGill
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