Are men intimidated by beautiful women ? The answer is yes


Why are men intimidated by beautiful women? Simple answer: we presume that we have no chances at all to get their attention.

Bar Rafeli on not being approached by men

Bar Rafaeli knows ! Yes Bar, 99.9999% of us have the “she is out my league” attitude. This negative trigger appears the moment we see a beautiful woman. Is an automatic response that instructs our brain that we must don’t even think about approaching her. The most daring thing we can do is just looking at her without being noticed.

So, are men intimidated by beautiful women? Yes. Yes. Yes.

We don’t even contact them online ! If we are in a dating site and see the picture of a pretty woman, we don’t contact her. We think we don’t have the slightest chance.

Our reasoning is:

  • Beautiful women like beautiful and handsome men.
  • Beautiful women have plenty of nice looking guy to choose
  • Most of us consider ourselves average or bellow average looking guys (like the size of our penis, most of us presume that our size is bellow average)
  • Most of us justify ourselves saying such stupid things like: I don’t like to give my attention to people for their physical beauty or I am really not interested in physical beauty, what motivates me is the intelligence or personality. Pure and genuine BS.

Bottom line: we don’t have the courage nor the means nor the method nor the attitude to approach a beauty. Period.

As in many aspects of our lives, we always will find the perfect excuse for not doing something. Simple like that. The result: we are not dating hot chicks. We are dating girls that we think are bellow our league.

And if a miracle happens and nice girl looks at us, we will react pretty much like Ben Stiller when Cameron Diaz invited him to the prom in “Something about Mary”

The ironic part of this story is, as Bar Rafaeli points out, that attractive women also have problems to find the right candidate because almost nobody approaches them. The 0.0001% that make the move is the stereotype of man that has the hunter attitude and only wants to have a new mark in his weapon. This guy only wants to have a picture and tell his friends: look the girl I’ve just fucked !

What can we do ?

First, bear in mind that there is a minimum % of nice looking women that will always date nice looking guys with big wallets and big dicks. This is a reality and there is nothing that you can do about it. But the good news is that is a very small %. The rest will be open to talk to you as long as you can show them confidence, humor, charisma and masculine appearance.

Let’s say that you don’t know how to do it. The answer is training and learning the lines. If a salesman can be trained, so do you. You are selling yourself, after all.

You can learn some ice breaking lines. The internet is full of sites that will show you hundreds of icebreaker lines, most of them useless garbage, but some are funny. Remember, humor always wins. So if you decide to learn some lines, pick the funny ones.

I will tell you my favorite line, and I would say it has 90% success rate: you approach the girl and ask her, and out of the blue you ask: “are you a religious person ? (it doesn’t matter if she answers yes or no) You know, I am creating a new religion, and I am looking for a new goddess and I have chosen you !” This line gave me multiple satisfactions. I am retired now, so I share it with you.

The professional alternative

If learning the lines is not enough for you, there is always a professional alternative that will teach the whole process. The advantage of the professional approach is that once you learn the step by step method, you will gain the desired self-confidence that winners have. Remember: self-confidence is 99% of the game.

Where can you go for help? There are plenty of them, although most seem to be not too serious. I have picked a couple of programs based on two factors: the time in the market and the number of people the enrolls for training.

Option Number 1: Jason Capital’s Program

This program has been around for a while and Jason Capital appeared in several TV programs. It will teach you the “must have” skills in a practical and easy to understand way. Gives a lot of examples of things you can say and do to improve your appealing to women. It teaches you the attitude and mindsets of guys who are successful with women, as well as giving word-for-word examples of the types of conversations you should be having. More than 170,000 men took this program around the world. More info here

O Number 2: Joshua Pellicer’s Program¬†

This program also has been around for a while and has been quite successful with a lot of people enrolling all the time. Joshua has been in several TV programs and radio shows as well. He is the creator of The Tao of Badass, his famous program about the psychology and techniques of dating women. Joshua’s program have been taken by more than 100,000 men around the world. More info here


Whatever way you chose, have fun !

Vincent Winnfield
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